Alena Abarava,
Ph.D. in Agriculture,
Associate Professor

Liakhavichy Agrarian College comprises modern elements with the traditions of the past generations. It is essentaial that the predecessors’ achivements should not recede in memory, and younger staff members and students should be able to learn about the  lives and glorious deeds of their older colleagues and the college as a whole. It is also important as future starts in history, and new generations, while creating future, rely on the foundation of the existing experience.

Liakhavichy Agrarian College (at the time of formation, August 12, 1957, a veterinary vocational school) started counting its years in a town which had not yet recovered from the war aftermath and which had had no tradition of providing secondary specialized education.

The development of this school was determined by the country’s and the region’s needs. It was actually created from scratch. The centre of agricultural science organized in Lyakhovichi went through one stage of formation to another, increasing its number of structural units and scientific and research potential, expanding  the range of courses. All this was happening at a difficult time of numerous changes at the turns of centuries and millenia.

The college entered into the new 21st century as   a fully developed secondary specialized educational establishment. Over the whole period of its  existence, it has trained over 13, 000 agricultural graduates, many of which have achieved significant results in managerial and economic activities. The college is known far beyod Brest region and even beyond the Republic of Belarus. Its contribution to the material culture, agronomy  and live-stock production of rural areas is great.

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