Postgraduate Studies

A postgraduate doctoral course is the first stage of postgraduate education aimed at training professionals skilled in planning and conducting independent scientific research, who posses profound theoretical knowledge that enables them to prepare scientific work qualifying for a doctoral dissertation.

The program of the course, which is taken by students studying full-time, by correspondence or which is dealt with by the students on their own, stipulates that upon its completeion, the student is conferred the academic qualification of "Researcher".

The period of study on the course must not exceed 3 years for full-time students, 4 years for those studying by correspondence and 5 years for self-instruction students.

Self-instruction as a form of training scientific workers of higher qualification for the first stage of postgraduate education stipulates that those who don't have a Master's degree, read for and take their doctoral examinations and oral tests in general sciences. The period of education, needed to be prepared to pass doctoral exams and oral tests and then do a postgraduate doctoral course either full-time or by correspondence, must not exceed 2 years. In this case, on the expiry of the term of study, the academic qualification of Researcher is not awarded.

Training of researchers of higher qualification at BarSU has been done since 2010 in the major 05.02.07 "Technology and Equipment of Mechanical and Physical-Technical Treatment" (Engineering Sciences).


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