The institution of education "Baranavichy State University" is a regional centre of training highly-qualified and competitive specialists in the labour market in the field of education, economics, law, machine-building, information technologies and agriculture to meet the demands of the economy and social sphere of the Republic of Belarus.



The university strives to become a regional innovation centre in the country's system of higher education as part of the global educational space having necessary resources and potential for successful and qualitative problem solving on providing educational and scientific services in accordance with national and international educational standards.



A strategic objective of the University activity is to secure training of highly-qualified specialists in accordance with the requirements of innovative levels of branches of economic and social spheres, development of intellectual-creative personality, its ideological-moral education through maximal scientific-educational, cultural-creative and staff potential.

By using integrated innovative approaches and technology, the most recent achievements in science and engineering, the university strives to provide qualitative training of specialists capable of solving urgent social and economic problems under the conditions of society informatization, innovative economic development and integration of the Republic of Belarus with the global community.

To implement its development strategy the university is planning:

  • to expand and strengthen its position in the national system of higher education and in the international market of educational services as well as to improve its social significance in the region;
  • to meet the needs of the society and the state in a wide range of educational services for a continuous education;
  • to improve the system of management through the effective work of the quality management system functioning;
  • to develop up-to-date infrastructure and resource security for a qualitative educational and scientific activity;
  • to preserve and develop traditions and corporate culture;
  • to develop professional and individual potential of the staff and to augment personnel potential of academic staff by raising  the level of scientific and pedagogical qualifications;
  • to improve the content and scientific-methodological support of educational programs, to implement practice-oriented training;
  • to develop scientific potential of trainees and staff in order to conduct applied and fundamental research in the country's priority areas of research and innovation; to deepen the integration of educational process with fundamental and applied sciences;
  • to ensure stable financial and economic condition of the university and the rational use of resources;
  • to create conditions of increasing the level of satisfaction of trainees, staff and  consumers with the university activities;
  • to take decisions on planning, implementing, monitoring and improvement on the basis of risk management;
  • to develop professional and personal potential of  trainees and staff;
  • to develop all-lateral cooperation with national and foreign educational, scientific and cultural centres to strengthen its position in the national and international market of educational services;
  • to build stable partnerships with parties interested in the university activities.

The University management, being the leader in the present Policy, is responsible for its implementation and achievement of goals in the area of quality at all levels of management and secures the processes of quality management system with the necessary resources, and also conformity of management system to the requirements of  ISO standards, series 9001.

The University trains specialists, masters and listeners in in accordance to legislative and mandatory requirements, and also consumers’ and the interested parties requirements.

To implement the Policy, the University higher management is to bring to the notice of all interested parties and constantly improve the quality management system.

The present Police fits the purpose and the context of the institution of education “Baranovichi State University” and supports its strategic direction.

Understanding of the Policy intentions and its implementation is the duty of the University staff.