Official Name: the Republic of Belarus.

Head of the State: President Alexander Lukashenko.

Capital: Minsk (1,982,500).

Independence Day: July 3.

Official languages: Belarusian, Russian.

Territory area: 207,6 square kilometres.

Population: 9, 492 million.

Urban population: 75, 8%.

Ethnic groups: Belarusians (83, 7%), Russians (8,3%), Poles (3,1%), Ukrainians (1,7%) etc.

Currency: Belarusian ruble (BYN).

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Climate: temperate climatic zone with a cycle of four seasons - winter, spring, summer, autumn. The average temperature in winter is about –5 ° C, in summer - about + 25 ° C.

Time zone: UTC+03:00.

Religion: Orthodoxy (80%), Catholicism (12%), Islam (4%), Protestantism (2%) etc.



Year of foundation — 1871.

Population — 179 thousand people (8th in the country).

Baranavichy is a young, rapidly developing town, one of the most important industrial, cultural and educational centres of the Republic of Belarus.

Favorable geographical position contributes to the fact that Baranavichy is developing as a major road and railway junction(directions for  Poland, Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine).

The famous sights of Belarus are not far from Baranavichy: the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh", the castle complex "Mir", the Puslovsky Palace, the Holy Assumption Zhirovichi Monastery etc.

Baranavichy is actively involved in the movement “Twinned cities” and has long become related with the cities of Russia, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, China. In total, Baranovichi has 24 twinned cities from 14 countries.

Map of Baranovichi


Baranavichy State University, 21 Vojkava St., 225404 Baranavičy, Bresckaja Voblasć, Republic of Belarus
Head of the Office:
Inessa Guseynova
+375 163 64 35 87
+375 163 66 53 74